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Dedicated ESOP professionals

We're part of a team of professionals helping private business owners evaluate the potential benefits of the ESOP model.

Since 2001, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes and industries navigate the complexities of business transition planning through our comprehensive due diligence processes.  Whether the goal is finding equity value for owners, designing a meaningful employee benefit plan, or positioning a company for sustained success, we approach ESOPs as one of many options on the table for a business on the verge of change. 

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for your company to thrive into the future.  We're happy to start the conversation today. 

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President, CEO

Gary has been immersed in the retirement planning world since 1975, and continues to be a forerunner in helping companies vet employee benefit vehicles and business planning strategies.  An Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and a former board member for the regional chapter for the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA), Gary has been advising on ESOP transactions since the early 90's. He believes ESOPs are the "future" of the retirement planning world, because they "put capital in the hands of American workers."
When not advising business owners to the benefits of ESOPs, Gary enjoys spending time at his family cabin in McCall with any of his 7 grandchildren.

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Vice President

Drew has been an active member of the ESOP community since 2010, passing the ASPPA ESOP-A exam, and assisting many companies in their examination of the ESOP model.  Drew believes ESOPs are a win-win-win, as business owners, their business and their employees stand to benefit greatly.
As a Boise, Idaho native, Drew enjoys all that the Idaho outdoors has to offer, including exploring the Sawtooth wilderness area, and finding fish wherever they're trying to hide.




Josh has a deep background in the world of finance and corporate lending, and has been a valuable recent addition to the ESOPs Northwest team.  He has a passion for helping companies and employees maximize their retirement benefits, as well as helping companies understand the ESOP structure. 
Josh is a Northwest native, and regularly assists the government in population control efforts of the following species: deer, elk, trout, bass, and mountain goat.

About Us: Team
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